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_Peer review

_Word patterns in the book of Genesis

A is for Adam

Battle of Beginnings (The )

Big Picture (The)

Biotic Message

Christianity Today

Climbing Mount Improbable

Creation and Change

Darwin on Trial

Darwin’s Black Box

Discovering dinos (video)

Everything All at Once



Genealogical Adam and Eve (The)

Genesis Factor (The)

Great Dinosaur Extinction Controversy (The)

Heaven Without Her

Hitler’s Religion

Inside the Nye Ham Debate

Killing Jesus

Language of God (The)

Navigating Genesis

Neanderthals Rediscovered (The)

Neck of the Giraffe

Not a Chimp

Outgrowing God

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

Persuaded by the Evidence

Reclaiming Genesis


Scandal of the Evangelical Mind (The)

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