Here are a series of papers covering the basic areas of the debate between Special Creation and the theory of evolution.

0 0 Origin of all things

00 Defining terms

01 Introduction

02 Origins

03 Starlight

04 Time

05 The Genesis Flood

06 Dinosaurs

07 The Fossil Record

08 Creation Compromise

09 The theory of evolution

10 Creation Evangelism

11 Logic & random processes

12a Fine tuning of the universe 1

12b Fine tuning of the universe 2

12c Fine tuning of the universe 3

This can serve as a general introduction to the area & may whet your appetite to delving deeper into the site.

A myriad of creation organisations containing a myriad of research articles, videos & audio files are available.

Author’s health warning: Exposure to these subjects may produce ridicule from others, severe reduction in examination results and even possible expulsion from employment. Be aware of the danger!