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Creation Resources Trust produce wonderful pamphlets for children and their parents alike:

Original View, Creation Update and Our World.

These can be viewed online, or glossy pamphlets, obtained via their website,

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Our World No. 134

Back issues available Ideal for youth work, evangelism, etc.. or just for learning!

36 Could any BODY evolve? Wonders of the human body. Eyes. The Nudibran

38 In the Beginning: Chance or God? Entropy. Natural and Artificial Selection. The Sloth.

39 Was Darwin Right? Yes—and No! Darwin’s mistakes. “Living Fossils”. The Kiwi.

41 Getting Informed. Information needs Intelligence. Ears. The Giraffe.

42 Faith in (missing) Fossils. What Fossil Progression? Origin of Feathers. The Armadillo.

43 Our ancestors were not “Primitive”. Ancient Technology. Stonehenge. Bats. Drakaea Orchid.

44 Getting Together. Evolution can’t explain the origin of sex. The African Gazelle. God’s Rules for sex.

45 Killing a Modern Myth: Bible-believing Scientists. What is Science? Amphibians. The Hermit Crab.

46 Has the “big bang” Burst? Something from Nothing? Butterfly’s Life-cycle.. Venus Flytrap.

47 Evolution’s Fantasy Creatures. Bats and Whales. Homology, The Woodpecker.

52 One in the Eye for Evolution. Darwin’s “Eye Trouble”. The Pigeon’s Secret. The Anableps.

56 Many mammals, but no evidence for evolution. Super-earths discovered? Weaverbirds.

57 Impact of Darwin’s ideas. Flaws in his theory. Did life start in volcanoes? Sea cucumbers

58 Searching for Other Worlds. Search for E.T. Life. New-foundGalaxies upset theories. Cicadas.

59 Did Dinos take Flight? Dinos to birds doesn’t add up! Moth-eaten Theory returns. The Cuttlefish.

60 Beauty refutes Evolution! ‘Added beauty.’ Birdsong. Tale of missing lemur. Mantis Shrimps.

61 Why are humans religious? Atheists in denial! Is death the end? The Toucan. Faith worth having.

62 History refutes evolution! From rocket to shuttle. Stone age problems. Fig trees & wasps.

64 “Living Fossils” — why no evolution? The Star-nosed Mole. An unchanging God. 65 The Bible Stands! Science and the Bible. Archaeology & the Bible. The Goby & the Shrimp

66 Does Design = a Designer? Convinced by the Evidence! The Namib Desert Beetle.

67 Giants of the Ocean. Truth about “walking whales.” Fossil whale graveyard. The Cannonball Tree

68 ‘Ape-man’ fallacies. Scientists slam ‘ape-to-human’ image. Experts fooled. The Sea Squirt.

69 ‘Age of Dinosaurs’ myth. ‘Early’ birds and mammals. Experiment refutes evolution. Humpback Whales.

70 Science & God: Is there a Conflict? Believing scientists. Rock-solid evidence? The Kingfisher.

71 Could microbes turn into people? Clever designs. Climbing evolution’s Mountain. The Titan Arum

72 History in Stone. Fossils show sudden burial not gradual evolution. The Glass Knife-fish

73 Darwin and the ‘Favoured Races’. No ‘primitive’ people. The Thorny Devil. Only One Race!

74 Problems with Astronomy Theories. Moon’s Origin. Challenges to Dating. The Hat-thrower Fungus.

75 Made for Each Other: Symbiotic Relationships in Nature. The Knob-cone Pine.

76 The Water of Life. Water’s vital behaviour. The Water Cycle. Water and Life. The Water Strider.

77 Wrong-order Fossils refute Evolution! Modern-type animals lived with Dinosaurs. Foam-nest Frogs.

78 Science: Good or Bad? Results of Bad Science. Creationists do REAL Science! The Seahorse.

79 Thousands or Millions? Evolution and time. Bible-Believing Scientists. Dating problems. Hummingbirds.

80 Designed to Navigate. Wonders of Animal Migration. A Bible-believing astro-physicist. The Nautilus.

81 Evolution isn’t Happening! Natural selection vs. Evolution. Bacteria. The Fenestraria Plant.

82 Vestigial organs not useless. A Bible-believing molecular geneticist. The Deep-sea Dragon-fish.

83 Biomicicry: copying nature. A Bible-believing designer. The Banksia Plant. Ideas come from a mind.

84 Flying reptiles: no evolution. A Bible-believing biologist. The Lady’s Slipper Orchid. Purposeful design.

85 Life from non-life? No way! Life is more than chemicals! A Bible-believing research biologist. The Draco Lizard.

86 Meeting Darwin’s challenge. Why his theory falls down. A Bible-believing Astrophysicist. The Waterwheel plant..

87 The invisible world points to creation! Wonders of the cell. A Bible-believing biochemist. The Salvia plant

88 The non-evolution of insects. Moths and butterflies mystery. Bible-believing scientist with 9 degrees. The Yapok.

89 Our impossible universe! Scientists speculate about nothing? A Bible-believing cosmologist. The Lithops plant

90 The ‘no-God’ delusion!” Atheists convinced by evidence. A Bible-believing animal geneticist. Mimic Octopus.

91 Myth of our “primitive ancestors”. There are no “primitive” people. A Bible-believing meteorologist. Elephants.

92 Sea Monster Mystery. Marine reptiles — no evolution. A Bible-believing neuroscientist. Australian Brush Turkey.

93 Wonder of words. Human language unique — No evidence it evolved. A Bible-believing geophysicist. Owls.

94 No bones about it! Meagre fossil evidence for evolution. A Bible-believing marine biologist. The Tailorbird.



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