2014 March –

2014 February – Another site or 2 was added

2023 December – For personal reasons I was not able to work on this site very much

2023 October – Various new sites & minor additions were added

2023 August – Contacts were made where possible to inform the websites about links in Meridian.

2023 June – The Site Contents and Descriptions were updated for all of the new site links that were added.

2023 May – Site descriptions / site contents updated for new site links

2023 April – The new creation sites have been added along with site descriptions. The next thing will be to update the ‘site content & ratings’ lists.

2023 March – This page has been introduced to inform viewers of news connected to the Meridian website.

It may become an area for other thoughts, and dare I say it – a blog?

This year has allowed an update of links to creation based or related websites. Over time some of the sites linked to have disappeared for various reasons. These links have been removed from Meridian, and about 80 new links are due to be added. There is a vast amount of information available to those interested in the subject.

The other thought has been to show visitors that this site is frequently being updated, it is a live site.




2012 Meridian Creation Science was set up in order to present the scientific information supporting God’s creation to all things, to a world increasingly being indoctrinated into naturalism and anti-biblical teaching.