_Contents M-Z

List of subjects beginning with M

Magma                              – lava from the Earth’s interior

Magnetism                        – phenomena mediated by magnetic fields

Man                                  – humans

Mantle                              – Earth’s subterranean substraight

Mars                                  – the red planet

Mendel                             – an early geneticist

Mercury                            –  planet closest to the Sun

Metamorphism                – alteration of the composition of a rock

Metamorphosis                – biological process by which an animal changes form

Meteors                             – rocks passing through space

Mid Ocean Ridges            – underwater mountain ranges

Migrations                         – seasonal movement of animals

Miocene                             – level in the geological column

Missing links                      – gaps in the evolutionary record of fossils

Moon                                  – the Earth’s satellite

Mosaic creatures              – animals with features of other animal forms

Multicellular                      – creatures defined by having more than a single cell

Multiple universes            – the idea of a multiverse

List of subjects beginning with N

NASA                                    – American space institute

Natural Selection               – guides the survival of the fittest life forms

Neanderthals                      – an ancient people

Nebular                                – gases in the interstellar medium

Nephesh                              – Hebrew term for human beings and other animals

Neptune                              – furthest planet from the Sun

Neutron star                       – object composed of closely packed neutrons

Newton                                – the famous early scientist

Nitrogen                              – an element in the atmosphere & withing the Earth.

Noah                                    – one of all of our ancestors

Novas                                   – explosion of a white-dwarf star

Nutcracker Man                 – Paranthropus boisei, an ancient man

List of subjects beginning with O

Oceans                                 – large expansions of sea water

Old Earth                             – the idea of a really ancient Earth

Oort Cloud                          – an assumed spherical shell of cometary bodies

Ordovician                           – a level in the geological column

Origin of life                        – the idea of created life or abiogenesis

Origins                                  – the formation of things

List of subjects beginning with P

Paluxy River                        – site showing dinosaur & human trackways

Pangaea                               – the original supercontinent

Paraconformity                  – part of the geological column missing expected layers

Parasites                              – organism that lives within a host & uses the host’s resources

Peking Man                         – lost skulls belonging to an ancient human

Permian                               – a level in the geological column

Petrified                               – to convert into stone or a stony substance

Physics                                 – scientific discipline

Philosophy                          – study of the nature of knowledge, reality, and existence

Piltdown Man                     – an infamous fossil fraud

Plants                                   – vegetable matter

Plates                                   – covering the Earth & animals

Plesiosaur                            – large, extinct marine reptile

Pluto                                     – now designation as a minor planet

Polonium halos                   – spherical decay patters from radioactivity

Polystrate fossils                – fossils passing through different sedimentary layers

Pompeii                                – Roman city destroyed by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius

Population growth             – increase in the number of people

Precambrian                        – a level in the geological column

Predators                             – carnivorous feeders

Progressive Creation          – a compromise idea to match biblical creation with deep-time ideas

Proteins                                – large, complex molecules playing critical roles in the body.

Pterosaurs                            – ancient airborne creatures

Pulsars                                  – rotating neutron stars

Punctuated equilibrium    – form of view about evolution

List of subjects beginning with Q

Quantum Mechanics         – description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles

Quasars                                – quasi-stellar objects

Quaternary                          – a recent level in the geological column

List of subjects beginning with R

Races                                     – different people groups

Radio halos                           – spherical decay patters from radioactivity

Radio Metric dating            – a long age dating method

Rain                                        – wet precipitation

Rainbow                                – the arc in the sky

Red Shift                               – the wavelength of the light is stretched

Reducing atmosphere        – a condition in which oxidation is prevented

Relativity                               – Einstein’s general & special theories

Religion                                 – belief systems

Reptiles                                 – the class of animals

Rodina                                   – an ancient supercontinent

Ropens                                  – living flying reptiles

List of subjects beginning with S

Salt                                          – soluble mineral

Sapphires                               – generally blue gemstone

Saturn                                     – an outer planet in the Solar System

Science                                    – the study of natural things

Sedimentation                       – deposition material from a state of suspension

Seismic tomography             – imaging the subsurface of the Earth with seismic waves

Seismology                             – measuring seismic shocks within the Earth

SETI                                          –  the Search for ExTraterrestrialIintelligence

Shem                                        – a son of Noah

Silurian                                     – a level in the geological column

Sin                                             – transgression against God

Sirius                                         – a shrinking star

Skin                                           – body covering

Solar System                            – the system of the Sun and the objects that orbit it

Species                                      – group of living organisms

Spiral galaxies                          – twisted collections of stars and gas

Stars                                          – luminous body visible in the sky

Stellar evolution                      – changes in stars over time

Subduction                               – sinking of Earth plates

Sulphur                                     – smelly element

Sun                                            – our local star

Super luminal jets                   – jets of material moving incredibly fast

Supernovas                               – an explosion of a star

Survival of fittest                     – natural selection

Symbiosis                                  – association between two different organisms

List of subjects beginning with T

Technology                               – the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes

Tectonics                                   – large-scale processes affecting the structure of the earth’s crust

Teeth                                          – what we eat with

Tertiary                                      – a recent level in the geological column

Theistic evolution                     – assigning evolution to a supernatural cause

Thermodynamics                      – branch of physics dealing with heat and work

Thermosphere                 – layer in the Earth’s atmosphere

Titan                                            – satellite of Saturn

Transitional Forms                    – supposed intermediate forms of animals

Trees                                           – wooden things

Tree rings                                   – growth markers in trunks

Triassic                                        – level in the geological column

Trilobites                                    – ancient extinct creatures

Turbidites                                   – geologic deposit of a turbidity current

Turin shroud                              – supposed shroud of Jesus Christ

List of subjects beginning with U

Unconformities                          – geological contact show presence of erosion

Universe                                      – everything about us

Uranus                                         – outer planet in the Solar System

List of subjects beginning with V

Vacuum                                       – space devoid of matter

Vapour canopy                           – pre-Flood atmospheric condition

Varves                                          – deposits in lakes

Vegetarians                                 – non meat eaters

Venus                                           – nearby planet

Vestigial Organs                         – supposed unnecessary structures in bodies

Volcanism                                    – volcanic activity

List of subjects beginning with W

Water                                           – a colourless, transparent, odourless liquid

Weather                                       – state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time

Wollemi Pine                               – until recently known only through fossil records

List of subjects beginning with X

X-Rays                                           – electromagnetic wave of high energy & short wavelength

List of subjects beginning with Y

Young Earth                                  – biblical age of the Earth since creation.

List of subjects beginning with Z

Zircons                                          – silicate mineral

Zoology                                         – the branch of biology that studies animals