11 Logic & random processes

The laws of logic, uniformity of nature & absolute morality all stand on God’s word. To discus with someone the laws of logic must exist.

There is no justification in the evolutionary worldview. Why is there a law of non contradiction? A thing is & is not. In order to talk with someone the laws of logic must exist.


If we appeared through random natural processes then this means that our brains & thoughts are a result of random chemical events. If we are the result of chemical reactions then everything we do or think is controlled by molecular actions within us.

We have no free will, no possibility of choice. We are all part of a cosmic program in which there is no chance of variation.

There is no life after death, no judgement as there is no absolute judge.

An evolutionist may say, ‘I believe in naturalism, show me logically that creation occurred’. This is using naturalism & logic which are incompatible.

You could answer, ‘I don’t believe in naturalism but if it were true there could be no law of logic’.


The laws of logic are:

Immaterial – not bound by matter.

Universal – the same in any location.

Invariant – constant, unaltered by any point in space.

Abstract – they govern all possible concepts.


Everyone has a worldview, there is no neutrality, you can believe the bible or reject it. Presuppositions – different rules for interpreting evidence. If someone is astute you cannot just change a person’s worldview with evidence. You can provide evidence for creation, no matter how strong; an evolutionist will find a get out.

For example short period comets will be destroyed by passage around the sun in a matter of thousands of years. Evolutionists came up with the Oort Cloud of comets from which comets are replenished. There is no evidence for this; it is supposedly 5000 A.U’s1 from the Sun so is impossible to detect.


There can be no absolutes with the evolution theory. Evolutionists believe in relativism, but of course they cannot be absolutely certain of this.

How can they choose right from wrong? To an evolutionist what brings happiness is right, why be interested in other’s happiness? A moral code is just electrical impulses in the brain. It can be right for me but wrong for you. No absolutes.

Creationists have the bible as an absolute standard for interpretation.

Evolutionists only accept naturalism/empiricalism or evidence they can see.


With naturalism nature is all that there is. However naturalists try to use logic & reason to support their views. You cannot observe truth as it is abstract.


People’s thinking – they can never be sure what is right or wrong, or if true or false.

If there is no absolute right or wrong, true or false, then the laws of science cannot be relied upon. This is why scientific investigation was stillborn apart from where there was Christian influence.

The gods of ancient Greece were unreliable, apparently contradicting one another.

There is no known law of nature which can cause information to increase in matter.


All points of information back to a mind.

Information is present in DNA so it could not have arisen from a random process

All point mutations studied at the molecular level have been seen to reduce genetic information.


The book of proverbs writes:

1 Do not answer a fool according to his folly – do not remove the bible from

discussion lest you become like him.

2 Answer a fool according to his folly – lest he be wise in his own eyes, show a

person where his presuppositions would go if true.



1An A.U. (Astronomical Unit) is the distance of the Earth to the Sun. The choice of 5000 A.U’s means there is absolutely no chance of it being detected from Earth. However it is there because, ‘it has to be there’.