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Below is a list of subjects beginning with ‘A’ & a short descriptions to links within each page.

Abiogenesis          – describes the difficulties involved with this process.

Aborigines           – details about these people, beliefs & history

Adam                 – details about the first man to live on Earth

Age of the Earth – Discussions about the Earth’s age, with biblical & secular views on this subject

Aliens                 – link to book describing the possibilities about the existence of alien life

Alpha Centurai      – articles about the nearest star outside of the Solar System

Altruism              – why some animals help others

Amino Acids         – about these biochemicals making up our bodies

Animals              – general articles on animals & groups of

Antarctica           – interests about this most southerly continent

Anthropology        – the study of human societies and cultures

Ape Men             – concerning the supposed transition between ape-like creature & mankind

Appendix             – the infamous ‘vestigial organ’ in our bodies

Ararat                 – the landing area for Noah’s Ark

Archaeology         – the study of human relics from history

Archaeopteryx      – the bird that was supposedly a transition from dinosaurs

Ark                    – the survival vessel for life on Earth

Arp                    – about the non-conformist astronomer

Asteroids            – concerning the bodies in our Solar System

Astronomy           – that studies celestial objects

Atheism              – about the disbelief in God or supernatural beings

Atmosphere         – the gaseous blanket around the Earth

Attenborough       – concerning the famous naturalist

Australopithecus   – extinct apes allegedly transitional between apes &

List of subjects beginning with B

Babel                  – about the post-flood city/area

Bacteria              – those little creatures within & around living matter

Beauty                – some of the nice things in the world

Baraminology       – the study of the original creature ‘kinds’

Beginnings           – concerning the origin of things

Belly buttons        – the only human feature Adam & Eve did not possess

Behemoth            – the dinosaur like creature mentioned in the Bible

Bethlehem star     – the feature guiding people to Jesus’ birthplace

Bible                   – about the inspired word of God

Big Bang (The)     – the secular idea causing the expansion of the universe.

Bio-inspiration      – the inspiration for modern technology from nature

Biology                – the study life and living organisms

Blinded                – the inability to see

Blue Shift             – description of star’s light shifting to longer wavelengths

Bones                  – support for our bodily structure

Book reviews        – outlines & views of various books

Both Sides            – views on both creation & evolution models of the past

Brachiosaur          – one of the largest sauropod dinosaurs

Breathing             – the moving of air into and out of the lungs

Bristlecones          – the trees often used in the subject of dating

Brontosaurus        – concerning the early supposed sauropod dinosaur

List of subjects beginning with C

Cain                   – the first naturally born man

Cambrian                  – the low level in the geological column

Canaanites          – descendants of a grandson of Noah

Canopy Model       – a possible atmospheric layer prior to the flood

Carbonaceous       – a level in the geological column

Carboniferous      – another level in the geological column

Castiladero          – human trackways

Catastrophe         – events surrounding the Genesis Flood

Casts (Fossil)       – fossil forms

Catastrophic Plate Tectonics – tectonic actions connected to the Flood

Caves                  – the holes in the ground

Chimeras             – rather mixed up animals

Chiraldy              – the left & right handedness of amino acids

Christian star       – the ‘star’ connected to the birth of Jesus Christ

Coal                   – the black non-politically correct fossil fuel

Coelacanth          – the fish thought to be an evolutionary transition

Comets               – interstellar objects

Compromise         – mixing of secular scientific ideas with biblical creation

Constellations      – stars forms a perceived outline or pattern

Convergence        – explanation for the similarity of distant animal types

Core of the Earth  – the central area of the Earth

Cosmic Rays          – high-energy protons and atomic nuclei moving through space

Cosmology           – study of the origin and evolution of the universe

Craters                – depressions in planet surfaces due to impacts of meteorites

Creator                – God, who created the universe

Cretaceous           – another level in the geological column

Cryptozoology       – the study of animals that are rumoured to exist

Crystalline            – having the structure and form of a crystal

Curse                   – the judgement on man’s rebellion

List of subjects beginning with D

Dark Energy          – theoretical, undetected energy

Dark Matter          – Supposed invisible matter

Darwin                 – the proponent of evolution theory

Dating                  – methods for determining the age of samples

Dawkins                – famous anti-creation proponent

Day Age Theory      – attempt to fit long periods of time into creation

Dendrochronology    – dating method using tree rings

Deserts                 – arid places on Earth

Design                  – explanation for devices which look to be designed

Devonian               – another level in the geological column

Diamonds               – the very hard form of carbon

Diatoms                 – single-celled algae

Dinosaurs               – those terrible lizards

DNA                       – the basic structure for life

Dragon                   – early name for dinosaurs

List of subjects beginning with E

Ears                      – the hearing devices

Earth                     – the planet

Earthquakes           – causing tremors & quakes

Echo location          – use of sound waves to locate objects

Education               – instruction often at school or university

Emeralds                – the green gemstones

Entropy                  – a thermodynamic unavailability of thermal energy

Eocene                   – a recent level in the geological column

Ethics                    – moral principles

Europa                   – Jovian satellite

Evolution                – the process of change, interpreted to the distant past

Extinction               – death of a form of life

Eye                        – the seeing organ

List of subjects beginning with F

Fall (The)                – regarding the fall of man

Family                    – group of close relatives

Faults                     – geological fracture or discontinuity

Feathers                  – bird’s atonement

Fine Tuning              – showing the universe’s fantastic precision

Felines                    – the cat kind

Flight                      – travel through the air

Floating forests        – a proposed early growth for trees

Flood                      – the Genesis inundation

Fossils                    – the remains of dead animals & plants

Framework theory     – attempt to fit long periods of time into creation

Fraud                      – proposing of false ideas

Frauds                     – proposing of false ideas

List of subjects beginning with G

Galaxies                   – collections of stars

Galaxy formation       – how galaxies formed

Ganymede                – satellite of Mars

Gap Theory               – attempt to fit long periods of time into creation

Gaps                        – particularly in geology

Geckos                     – the ceiling walking lizards

Genera                     – a biological classification level

Genes                      – the biochemicals in our bodies

Genesis                    – beginnings of creation & the Bible

Genetics                   – a branch of biology studying genes

Genetic load              – the build-up of harmful genetic material

Globular clusters        – collection of stars orbiting a galactic core

God                          – the creator of all things

Gold                         – the desire of men

Gondwanaland            – southern half of Pangaea

Gradualistic evolution  – changes in creatures by slow steps

Grand Canyon             – in western North America

Greenland                  – the large ice bound land

List of subjects beginning with H

Ham                          – a son of Noah

Hawaii                       – the largest mountain in the Earth

Helium                       – the second lightest element

Hertzsprung Russell     – diagram of a star’s temperature against its luminosity

Higgs Boson                – a subatomic particle

History                      – a study of the past

Hittites                      – an ancient people of what now is Turkey

Hobbits                      – dwarf human fossils

Homology                   – comparison of similar features in animals

Hopeful monsters        – an extreme idea concerning evolution

Humans                     – mankind

Hybrids                      – An offspring from a mixture of parents

Hydrogen                   – the lightest element in the universe

Subjects beginning with I

Ice Age                       – the freezing condition post-Flood

Imprints                      – fossilised trace or track

Inflation                      – supposed rapid expansion after the Big Bang

Information                 – the fundamental quantity

Intelligent Design         – movement attributing design in the universe

Intermediates              – transitional forms between different animal kinds

Io                              – a close orbiting satellite of Jupiter

Iridium                        – a heavy platinum group metal

List of subjects beginning with J

Japheth                       – a son of Noah

Jellyfish                       – a sea creature with no brain, heart, bones or eyes

Jericho                        – major city of the O.T. of the Bible

Jesus Christ                 – creator of the Earth & universe

Judgement                   – the sentencing of God

Jupiter                        – the largest planet in the Solar System

Jurassic                       – a level in the geological column

List of subjects beginning with K:

Kinds                          – forms of animals created by God

KT Boundary                – boundary between the Cretaceous and Tertiary

Kuiper belt                   – region beyond the eight major planets

List of subjects beginning with L

Lamarck                      – famous for his theory of evolution

Language                     – spoken communication

Leviathan                    – fierce some beast of the Bible

Life                            – separating animals and plants from inorganic matter

Light                           – electromagnetic radiation

Light speed                  – velocity at which light travels

Limestone                    – carbonate sedimentary rock

Lithium                        – the third lightest elements