06 Dinosaurs

6 Dinosaurs

6 Dinosaurs – those terrible lizards.


As children (& adults) we loved learning about these strange creatures. They seem so mystical, grand & terrifying.


Where did they live?

Dinosaur fossils are found around the world so they must have lived on every continent.

Clutches of eggs in dinosaur nests have been found intact, so certainly many must have been local.


When did they live?

If you listen to evolutionists they would say that dinosaurs reigned on the Earth for over a hundred million years & died out about 65 million years ago. From chronologies in the bible, creation was about 6,000 years ago.


Has anyone seen a dinosaur?

Evolutionists claim that they lived tens of millions of years before mankind appeared, so there would absolutely be no contact between dinosaurs & men. The bible states that all land animals were created on Day 6. Dinosaurs are land animals, so men must have lived at the same time as dinosaurs.


What did they eat?

I heard of a boy, who when asked what a T.Rex ate, answered, “Whatever it wanted!”.

Would Adam then have been afraid of these fearsome giant beasts, which had teeth up to 6” long?

Actually no, as all animals were originally told to only eat plants. How about their long sharp teeth you may ask. Well today bears have sharp teeth but are mainly vegetarian. Pandas have sharp teeth but only eat bamboo.


Were they really so big?

Some Saurapod (4 legged) dinosaurs were truly massive, being a number of building stories tall & >100′ long. The variety of shapes & sizes etc is amazing.


Did they go with Noah on theArk?

You may be surprised to know that the average size of a dinosaur is that of a sheep! Some were only the size of a chicken. God probably only sent young adults on theArk, possibly pairs of only about 50-60 kinds were needed.


Are they all really extinct?

What happened to them after the flood? Why don’t we see dinosaurs roaming round the world today?

We have heard the elusive question, ‘What caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?’ Basically nobody knows. Many speculations have been proposed, from the feasible to the bizarre. My favourite of these explanations is that plant types changed & dinosaurs died of constipation.

A much better explanation is that after the global flood the world was very different. The geography, geology, ecology & climate changed drastically. Living conditions for many dinosaurs were probably very harsh & they could not flourish.

When you hear about many of the endangered species programmes today the answer is fairly obvious.


So did they all die out & were never seen again? Apparently not.

Sights & encounters with dinosaurs are recorded in a range of records. Many historical writings describe creatures which can only be described as dinosaurs.


The best place to start is the bible. Are dinosaurs mentioned in the bible? No they are not, in the same way that computers are not. The word dinosaur was given in 1841. The King James bible was written in the 17th century, so could not contain this name. What it does contain is the word dragon. Dragon legends extend around the world.


Good examples of candidates are in Job 40 & 41 with the description of Behemoth & Leviathan.

Strangely in recent translations, references to creatures previously described as dragons, have been changed to modern animal types. This is obvious in Job, where in the footnotes Behemoth is suggested to be an elephant or hippopotamus. These have tails more like that of pig’s than like the ‘cedar trees’ described in the bible! Leviathan is suggested to be a crocodile. This does not breath fire (v21), but dragons did & so possibly also dinosaurs. Could the modern translators have been influenced by evolution & long ages?


Historical records are replete with men having encounters with creatures resembling what we now classify as dinosaurs. Encounters of men meeting large, fearsome creatures/dragons abound if delved for deeply enough, especially inEuropewhere historical records are most available. A classic example of this is in the epic poem Beowolf, where a brave Viking warrior battled large fearsome creatures, even a terrifying animal like a T.Rex. In one of his encounters he won second place & his sons had to continue the work.

That is the account in the original text, in many modern versions the beasts are portrayed as trolls (hairy dwarfs) which any self respecting Viking would eat for breakfast! Such is the influence of evolutionary thinking.


In the 1970’s a plesiosaur like creature was caught in the net of a Japanese trawler. Details were taken & photos appeared in the Japanese media. In the western world news reports were stifled!


Other sightings of creatures similar to the Loch Ness monster have been made & quickly ridiculed. Records, carvings & pictures of strange creatures, unknown today, exist even in this country.


When God creates the new heaven & the new Earth we may get a chance to meet these strange creatures!


Stephen Martin