Meridian Creation Science – from the meridian to the nations

There has been much controversy concerning the subject of Darwinian evolution and the Special Creation of God.

On both sides of the debate there is a philosophical/religious side and a scientific side.

Belief in one side or the other depends on the worldview of the person.

The universe and everything within it originates from a creator God or from random natural processes.

Scientific investigation starts with one of these worldviews, evidence is interpreted accordingly. Empirical science operates only in the present. It cannot prove events which happened in the past, but can only investigate the effects of such events.

The theory of evolution (molecules, to microbes, to mammals to man) is widely taught as proven fact, it pervades the media and dissenters suffer scorn or worse. Creation science however refuses to be silenced and as can be found from this web site has a great explanatory power. It cannot prove God’s creation for the reason given above, but can greatly support a reasonable belief what is written in God’s bible.


3 Responses to Meridian Creation Science – from the meridian to the nations

  • Jonny Martin says:

    This Is A Good Website!
    Keep Up The Good Work!

  • brian gale says:

    Good luck and the Lord’s blessing with your website. I have a creation project
    which has been ongoing for over 10 years- entitled Creation Network U.K.
    If interested I can send details, so that you will be able to compare and
    discover some things. It covers all U.K. countries.

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